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For sale there are many professional hairdryers, which apparently resemble those of common use that can be found in people's homes, but which actually have different characteristics that make them special and suitable, professional use. Of course, professional hair dryers can also be purchased for home use, as there are several models on sale today with a very good value for money. Among the features that must have a hair dryer suitable for stylists and hairdressers, we find the following: Power and effectiveness: a professional hair dryer that respects must have more Watts than non-professional hairdryers. This is due to the fact that professional hair dryers must be able to make a more precise bending even at lower temperatures. In addition, a hairdresser must be able to have a hair dryer that is suitable to dry even very long hair in a short time. Different temperature levels: A professional hair dryer must be able to heat up quickly to avoid waste, but it must also allow the hairdresser to increase and lower the temperature according to the circumstances. In fact, as you can guess, it is not good to use temperatures too high on fine or frayed hair due to treatments such as dyes, and therefore a professional hair dryer should be able to allow at least to pass through three or four different levels of temperature and, above all, to keep them constant; Technology used: The latest hairdryers on sale can take advantage of two different types of technologies: ion or ceramic. Ion hair dryers are characterized by the fact of emitting negative ions that divide the water droplets present in the hair into smaller and smaller parts until they disappear altogether. At the same time they emit a jet of air like traditional hairdryers, so they literally halve the drying time. Ceramic hair dryers, on the other hand, are similar to traditional ones, only that the temperature is kept uniform and never exceeds certain levels; Accessories: Finally, again due to the fact that a hairdresser is dealing with many different types of hair, it is important that the hair dryers he buys are equipped with different accessories that allow for differentiated use. An example of this is the diffuser, which allows you to dry even the most frayed hair without ruining it.

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